Personal Data Protection

Consent to the processing of personal data in the database of the website and its partners

When transferring personal data through any form of the website, users automatically agree to the terms set out below.

By registering on website in the database and / or sending, as the Owner of such a database, information, including resume containing personal data, I voluntarily consent to the processing (namely: collection, accumulation, systematization, storage, clarification, use, distribution (including transfer to third parties), depersonalization, blocking, destruction) of my personal data to the Owner of the database –, and I instruct the Owner in case of economic necessity to publish all or part of my data, in accordance with the terms of use of the Owner’s website.

By giving this consent, I confirm that I assume responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of my personal data provided when registering on the website or sending resumes or other information to the Owner, their timely updating, and undertake to comply with and comply with Ukrainian law in the field of personal data protection., as the Manager and Owner, has the right to provide access and transfer my personal data to third parties without any additional notifications, without changing the purpose of their processing.

I confirm that I am aware of and agree that:

Purpose, methods of processing and content of processed personal data
The purpose of personal data processing is to identify the personal data subject as a partner and / or contractor and / or employee in the implementation of economic or employment relations, in accordance with the statutory activities of the Owner.

The Owner processes my personal data in any way in order to properly provide me with services related to registration on the website, identification, authentication, authorization, password recovery, sending information materials with my consent, responding to inquiries and letters of the Owner, receiving offers for registration of contractual relations (civil or labor), leaving feedback on the quality of service of the Owner, to receive advertising and special offers, other information about the activities of the Owner, which may include the following personal data:

  • surname, name, patronymic, place of residence, telephone, e-mail address, date of birth;
  • personal data provided by me when filling out registration forms or sending resumes and other documents.

Processing of personal data
The information in the database of is processed in strict accordance with the legislation of Ukraine on personal data protection. The Owner and the Administrator will process the personal data that I provide voluntarily.

Term of personal data processing
Personal data is processed before the liquidation of the website and the Owner. I have the right to withdraw my consent to the processing of data at any time by writing to the owner.

This consent is valid all the time until the termination of personal data processing, mentioned above, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

Rights of the personal data subject
My rights as a subject of personal data are specified in Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.

The content of my rights as a subject of personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” is known and understood to me.

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